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As a high-tech enterprise
Galaxis provides you with integrated solutions and
one-stop services through logistics automation and robot system

To become the world's leading supplier and technology service provider in logistics robot and intelligent equipment

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  • Industry Application
    Industry Application
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    Existing Clients
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    Developed Projects
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Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals

Galaxis has established important cooperation relationships with many well-known pharmaceutical circulation enterprises, and has provided them with prospective built-in operation system and system integration services.

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E-Commerce E-Commerce

Galaxis provides cost-effective customized logistics solutions for e-commerce companies, covering one-stop services of storage and retreiving, trasnportation, , conveying and sorting, helping clients improve the efficiency of distribution centers and order fulfillment capabilities, and reduce overall operating costs.

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Fashion Fashion

Galaxis has accumulated rich service experience in the fashion industry and built several typical customers projects as well as enjoys a good reputation in the industry. 

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3C Electronics 3C Electronics
3C Electronics

Relying on its rich practical experience and personalized logistics solutions, Galaxis can introducing highly flexible logistic automation to help 3C clients achieve high-level logistics supply chain system management, and provides technical support to meet diversified market demands.

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Library and Printing Library and Printing
Library and Printing

Based on the business needs of the library, Galaxis took the lead in launching the "Intelligent library ASRS". 

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Galaxis won the
Galaxis won the "2020 Best Enterprise Award" in the award ceremony.

Galaxis won the "2020 Best Enterprise Award" in the award ceremony.

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Galaxis has completed a new round of financing.
Galaxis has completed a new round of financing.

One-stop services are available for clients in the whole-process logistics system construction.

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