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Industry Challenge

The current power sources of new energy vehicles are basically lithium batteries. The benign development of new energy vehicles will inevitably drive the development of lithium battery industry and its upstream and downstream supply chains.


The production of lithium batteries requires a large amount of specific equipment. It is unavoidable that whether the transportation of materials, semi-finished products and finished products in the factory is stable and smooth has become an important factor restricting the output and quality. Intelligent logistics technology escorts the production of lithium batteries. As a rapidly developing supplier of intelligent logistics solutions, GALAXIS is well versed in the needs and pain points of the lithium battery industry, and has rich logistics experience and the spirit of innovation.

Project References
Chinese automotive manufacturing company

GALAXIS provides a comprehensive project solution, including equipment and software integration services. The production line facilitates material storage and retrieval through the operation of logistics lines, ensuring efficient and streamlined operations throughout the supply chain.

Storage locations
Storage capacity of pack production line
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World's leading manufacturer of Lithium-ion batteries
based in the U.S.

The storage system developed by GALAXIS incorporates features such as transportation and storage, enabling efficient handling and management of the lithium batteries throughout the production process.

process stages
Meet the materials storage and production for daily requirements
Storage locations
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Chinese high-tech lithium-ion battery manufacturing enterprise

The project has successfully met the customers’ requirements by providing a range of automated logistics functions. By implementing these automated processes, the project ensures efficient and streamlined operations, achieving reliable storage and transportation of batteries and material frames.

Takt time
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