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Industry Challenge

Electronic products, characterized by their small size, multiple types and specifications, large quantities, and fast product iterations, pose unique challenges for logistics systems. Indeed, the increasing consumer demands for personalization and customization have led to a shift in production modes towards smaller batches with a greater variety of products. This trend necessitates more flexible production lines to accommodate these diverse requirements.


GALAXIS, with its extensive practical experience and personalized logistics solutions, is well-equipped to address these challenges. We offer highly flexible logistic automation solutions to help clients achieve efficient management of logistics supply chain systems and provide the necessary technical support to meet the diverse demands.

Project References
Chinese national-owned high technology company

The intelligent warehouse is composed of pallet storage, bin storage, picking, quality inspection and transportation systems.

Storage location
Annual product output
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Global headquarters warehouse of well-known
international enterprise

The warehouse is used for the storage of finished goods and supporting e-commerce business and plans to support 23.2 million output of annual inventory.

Utilization higher than traditional warehouse
Business scenarios
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Integrative logistics base of electronic manufacturing corporation

GALAXIS has delivered comprehensive logistics solutions to address the challenges in the supply chain. The implementation solutions resulted in significant improvements in efficiency. 

Peak Period Efficiency
Business scenarios
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