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Industry Challenge

In the library, the books have diverse types and each book has its own unique material code, which is hard to manage the status of each book. The library’s working flow is relatively straightforward, primarily involving document storage, inquiries, reservations, and allocation services and the overall volume of input and output is relatively low.


GALAXIS has developed the "Intelligent Library ASRS" in response to the specific needs of libraries, which enables high-density storage and efficient sorting of books and maximize the utilization of book resources.

Project References
Suzhou Library

The automated smart library with 4 storage areas which have applied stacker crane solution, shuttle solution , and forklift solution. It covers an area of about 6,500m2 and can keep 7 million inventories.

Delivery efficiency
Save space utilization
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Nanshan Library

GALAXIS has designed “Intelligent Library AS/RS” achieves flexibility through the modular product series, which is independent of each other but could operate interconnected. This system can achieve systematic and flexible management of Nanshan Library’s operation mode through dynamic adjustment of storage positions and scalable book classification logic.

books/per day
Operation capacity
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Guizhou Provincial Library

This project stands as the first intelligent automated warehouse for library in Southwest China, which has implemented various systems such as WMS, conveyors and sorting system to enhance the coordination efficiency and management performance among the main library and the other subsidiary of institution.

Storage capacity
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