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Industry Challenge

The e-commerce has experienced significant growth, leading to enhanced consumer experiences and increased demands for fast and accurate delivery to ensure customer satisfaction. Managing large orders efficiently is crucial for warehouse, as well as balancing a wide range of SKUs with low inventory levels requires effective inventory management strategies.


GALAXIS offers a diverse range of adaptable and scalable technologies and software solutions, specifically designed to meet E-commerce industry clients demand with efficient and significant performances.

Project References
Cross-border E-commerce logistics center

The logistics center spans 18,000 m² and includes AS/RS, conveyor sorter system, and packing system. With a capacity of 15,000 SKUs, it can keep 4.6 million inventories.

Average daily delivery
Peak period
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A large E-commerce logistics warehouse

The project handles online orders for both B2B and B2C businesses, focusing on daily necessities. It processes 50,000 orders and picks 500,000 pieces per day.

Reduction in manpower
Space utilization improved
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Japan E-commerce warehouse project

The warehouse project has customized intelligent shuttle solution to address the technical challenges of warehousing and logistics, as well as the seismic safety requirements in Japan, offering customers new business ideas and enhanced efficiency.

double cycles/hours
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