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Industry Challenge

Logistics in the pharmaceutical industry has high requirements for efficiency and accuracy. With product diversification, shorter product cycles, variety individualization and fragile packaging, it is crucial for pharmaceutical logistics to adapt to these trends and challenges and ensure that the business remains competitive and efficient. This involves implementing warehouse solutions that optimize inventory management, streamline distribution processes, and enhance supply chain visibility that empower pharmaceutical enterprises to comply with government regulations and industry best practices, such as GMP, GSP.

Project References
Xinhua Pharmaceutical

Modern logistics center with the most advanced international cGMP standards.

Storage capacity
Support annual sales revenue
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Tianjin Zhongxin Pharmaceutical Group

A modern pharmaceutical logistics center achieves traceability of goods throughout the warehouse, thereby reducing the error rate associated with warehousing operations.

more than
Storage locations
Inbound & outbound/per day
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Arura Tibetan Medicine

The project covers logistics information management and storage operations of finished products, raw materials, packaging materials and other categories.

Overall operational efficiency
Single palletizing robot operation efficiency
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