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Company Profile
Company Profile
Founded in 2014
The Leading Supplier of Logistics Robot and Technical Service

Galaxis Technology is a high-tech enterprise that focuses on providing integrated solution and One-stop service for logistics automation and robot. With years of logistics operation experience and technology accumulation, we have obtained more than 170 patents and over 135 software copyrights. Galaxis independently developed core high-end equipment such as intelligent

multi-shuttle, lift, AMR, and conveyor and sorting system, and can provide customers with end-to-end logistics solutions that integrate consulting and planning, equipment manufacturing, software development, and system integration. At present, Galaxis has implemented over 500 logistic projects, which covers over 20 subdivided industries such as pharmaceutical, automobile, fashion, retail, e-commerce, library, rail transit, culture and sports, manufacturing, and 3PL.

Technology Empowered Logistics

Headquartered in Jiaxing,Zhejiang,China,Galaxis Technology set up technology R&D centers in Germany and Austria, and subsidiaries or factories in cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Jiaxing, Wuxi, Kunming, and Moscow. Our vision is to become the world's leading provider of logistics robot, intelligent equipment supplier and technical service.

  • 600
    Number of completed projects
  • 20
    Business distribution industry
  • 4
    Distributed in 4 countries and regions
Technology Advantages
  • Master the core technology and have a wealth of application cases

    Galaxis focuses on intelligent logistics equipment and intelligent logistics system integration, grasps the core technology, and has a wealth of application cases. The Company has successfully developed the first four-way multi-shuttle in China, and occupies the commanding heights of technology in the same industry. In addition, various shuttles launched in succession by the Company have been well received by the market. Galaxis has also rapidly developed into a well-known enterprise in China's logistics equipment industry. Warehouse Management System (WMS), Warehouse Control System (WCS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) independently developed by the Company have been continuously updated to meet the personalized needs of clients in various industries. They have been running steadily on the site of clients for more than ten years and have been highly recognized by clients.

    Warehouse Management System
    Warehouse Control System
    Data Acquisition & Monitoring System
  • One-stop service

    Galaxis has now developed integrated solutions for R&D and manufacturing of core high-end equipment, consulting and planning, software development, system integration and operation guidance. With the core equioment of multi-shuttle(FWS), high-speed lift, AMR and conveyer and sorter system, we can provide one-stop services for different industries, such as 3PL, manufacturing, express delivery, 3C and e-commerce, etc

    Express Delivery
Honors & Patents
Galaxis Technology Group

At present, Galaxis Technology Group has 18 authorized invention patents, 137 utility model patents, 15 design patents, and more than 135 software copyrights, including 4 foreign patents from Germany, Austria,America and the Czech Republic.

  • 13 authorized invention patents
  • 137 utility model patents
  • 15 design patents
  • 135 software copyrights
Corporate Culture
  • Mission

    Technology Empowered Logistics

  • Core Values

    Craftsmanship Spirit,Continuous Innovation, Openness, Win-win Results, Authenticity and Transparency, Taking the Customer as Center, and Relying on the Struggler.

    Core Values
  • Idea

    Scenario is king, technology oriented.

  • Vision

    Become the world's leading logistics robot and intelligent equipment supplier and technical service provider.

  • Culture brings people together

    Galaxis Technology Group gathers top talents from all walks of life, and brings together various technologies and experiences to form a super fighting capacity. The Group has more than 1000 employees, including 4 doctors from MIT, Cornell, Tsinghua, and other universities, and 31 masters at home and abroad, 95% of whom have a bachelor's degree or above

    More than 1000 employees
    39 masters from domestic and foreign universities
    College degree or above accounts for 70%%