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GALAXIS Listed on the 2023 Hurun Global Cheetah Index: A Leader in Intelligent Logistics Solutions
30 Dec . 2023

The Hurun Research Institute released the "2023 Hurun Global Cheetah Index" which listed high-growth companies worldwide established after the year 2000 that are most likely to achieve unicorn-level billion-dollar valuations within five years.

As a leading provider of logistics robot solutions in China, GALAXIS successfully made it onto the 2023 Hurun Global Cheetah Index, fully demonstrating the market's recognition of the company's comprehensive strength and development potential. Like a cheetah in speed, GALAXIS will continue to forge ahead, constantly breaking through barriers.


As an expert in intelligent logistics based on robot technology, GALAXIS always adhered to independent innovation and deep cultivation, using innovative iterations of products and technology to drive the vigorous development of the industry. Empowering over 220 global major customers in more than 30 industries such as pharmaceuticals, 3PL, apparel, retail, new energy, and automotive to transform and upgrade, injecting strong momentum into economic high-quality development through digitalization and intelligence. In recent years, the logistics equipment industry has faced severe challenges from various sides, and while many companies find it difficult to maintain their business, GALAXIS has been able to rise against the odds, maintaining a strong growth momentum. This fully demonstrates GALAXIS competitiveness and market position in the logistics equipment industry, laying a solid foundation for its future development.

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