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GALAXIS Pallet Transportation Robot Cyber Lift Awarded CE Certificate, Paving the Way for EU Market Entry
23 Aug . 2023

Breaking news! Recently, GALAXIS independently developed Pallet Transportation Robot Cyber Lift, which has received a CE certificate from SGS, a top testing, inspection, and certification company.

As a recognized EU access certification, CE certification is considered as the "passport" for manufacturers to enter and access the European market.This successful CE certification of GALAXIS PTR not only proves the reliable safety performance of GALAXIS robots but also signifies a new stage in the global development of GALAXIS.

The Outstanding Features of PTR: Narrow Aisles | Efficient | Flexible

From the design stage, GALAXIS PTR has followed EU standards and has undergone comprehensive verification and testing from various angles such as motion, stability, fault mechanism, personnel safety, electrical, and environmental aspects. Through reasonable hardware and software design, it meets the high-performance safety requirements of various pallet warehousing logistics scenarios.

As a forklift-type AMR product that specializes in narrow aisles, compactness, speed, and flexibility, compares with AMR carries pallet with frame support idea, GALAXIS PTR can pick up the pallet from the ground directly. And with light structure mast makes PTR be with up to 2,000mm lifting height, that brings various applications. Pallet can be transported between multiple devices with different docking height, storage pallet in low level racking as well.

PTR can directly transfer and lift the pallet from ground without pallet frameground stacks, while also being able to lift and dock with conveyors, chain machines, and other line bodies or automated equipment, fully demonstrating the flexibility and agility of industrial robotics-forklift AMR products. Its new form design greatly reduces the turning radius, significantly reducing the width requirements for passages, and allowing more space to be used for production or storage.

Currently, GALAXIS has successfully implemented multiple projects in 10 countries and regions including South Korea, Japan, Russia, Dubai, Israel, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United States. With the support of CE certification, we believe that KLS’s business expansion in overseas markets will accelerate even further!

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