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GALAXIS witnesses successful participation AT CeMAT ASIA 2023
27 Oct . 2023

From October 24th to 27th, the 22nd ASIA World Leading Trade Fair for Intralogistics & Supply Chain Management (referred to as CeMAT ASIA) successfully concluded. At this exhibition, GALAXIS showcased our"Next Generation Smart Logistics Solutions" with detailed product interactions and rich content, presenting innovative technologies and solutions in various scenarios, attracting high attention from industry professionals and exhibition visitors.

The unveiling of GALAXIS Multi-shuttle (LASER-V) is a fresh upgrade for tote warehouse applications.GALAXIS multi-shuttle LASER is a rapid carton and tote automatic storage and retrieval system, modular shuttle chassis with stable structure can extremely reduce your order execution cycle time. Maximum 50 kilograms (110 lb.) can be stored multi-deep or stacked in the shuttle system. With a full-size standardized structure design, shorter delivery times and lower cost investments, efficiency is increased by 100%.


The PTR + FLASH-TP innovative solution made a strong appearance at the booth, combining efficient, high-density, low-cost storage methods in a pallet shuttle warehouse with features such as PTR narrow aisles operation, quick docking, and flexible deployment to achieve the optimal solution for large-scale storage in warehouses.


In the future, GALAXIS will continue to provide more professional, intelligent, and efficient warehousing and logistics supply chain solutions for customers worldwide, relying on solid technological strength and real-time efficient service systems.

Let us look forward to the next wonderful gathering together!

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