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GALAXIS has secured hundreds of millions of Yuan in Series E funding
08 Nov . 2022

Logistics robot and intelligent equipment supplier and technology service provider "GALAXIS" recently completed a round of financing worth hundreds of millions of Yuan. This round was led by a fund under Cornerstone Capital, with investments from China Merchants Capital, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group, Suzhou Jiancheng, Qingkong Jinxin, Nanhu Jin Kong, Jiaxing Science and Technology City, Hainan Xinglian, and others. The investors in this round include top RMB funds, industry players, and local government funds.


GALAXIS stated that the funds raised in this round will be used to accelerate domestic and international business expansion, speed up the research and development and iteration of intelligent logistics equipment in the new energy and semiconductor industries, expand production scale, and further enhance the core competitiveness. The company aims to become a leading supplier and technology service provider of intelligent robots and logistics equipment.


Dr. Gu Chunguang, the founder of GALAXIS, believes that two historic changes are taking place in the global market today. The first is the transformation and upgrading of traditional logistics into smart logistics, and the second is the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing into intelligent manufacturing. Intelligent manufacturing and smart logistics are closely related and inseparable, with smart logistics being the core and key to achieving intelligent manufacturing. In labor-intensive logistics, the trend of replacing humans with machines is inevitable. In this long race, GALAXIS has developed a highly competitive core, adhering to the core concept of "scenario-oriented, technology-based." With a focus on the three core scenarios of storage, handling, and sorting, GALAXIS relies on a range of multi-scenario robot products, a powerful software system, and a rich ecosystem of partners to establish a strong technological foundation. The company aims to be a leading logistics robot and intelligent equipment supplier and technology service provider, based in China and serving the global market.


Cornerstone Capital’s perspective

Logistics warehousing automation and intelligence are the core elements of the transformation from traditional enterprises to intelligent manufacturing/smart logistics. According to statistics, the domestic intelligent logistics equipment maintains a high compound annual growth rate of over 20% due to driving factors such as demand, supply, and policies. The "small and scattered" pattern is prominent, and there is enormous growth potential. In China’s upgrade from manufacturing to "smart" manufacturing, intelligent logistics is an indispensable support and an important piece that urgently needs improvement, especially in the rapid development of emerging industries and hard technology industries represented by new energy and semiconductors.


As a representative of the new generation of intelligent logistics domestic alternatives, GALAXIS is a rare enterprise in the industry that can provide comprehensive logistics warehousing solutions and implement them. It not only has the ability to independently research and develop and produce a complete set of core software and hardware but also has rich experience in overall planning and implementation of solutions. After years of accumulation and exploration, GALAXIS’s business has expanded to cover nearly 30 industries. Based on its deep experience in the pharmaceutical, retail, and general manufacturing industries, the company has also focused on emerging fields such as new energy lithium batteries and semiconductor production, and its core business has developed rapidly. The core team of the company originated from Jiuzhou Tong Group, with rich industry experience and excellent academic and industrial backgrounds, possessing core product development and commercialization capabilities.


We believe that with the momentum of China’s manufacturing transformation and upgrade, GALAXIS, with its core advantages, is expected to stand out and achieve greater success in the fiercely competitive intelligent warehousing/smart logistics industry.

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