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Service and Support

With the concept of "high-quality service and professional support", Galaxis has established perfect after-sales service standard, so that clients can efficiently use the logistics system and equipment provided by Galaxis. Galaxis strives for perfection, prepares flexible solutions for clients, and wholeheartedly provides clients with professional, efficient and reliable after-sales service support.

Consulting and Planning
Logistics center planning

The core business application scenario of Galaxis runs through the raw material procurement, production, transportation, distribution, retail and other links to provide clients with one-stop service of logistics solutions including consulting and planning, software development, system integration, operation guidance, as well as core high-end equipment R&D and manufacturing.

  • Raw material storage
    Raw material storage
  • Internal plant logistics
    Internal plant logistics
  • Finished product storage
    Finished product storage
  • Trunk movement
    Trunk movement
  • Wholesale logistics center
    Wholesale logistics center
  • Rregional transfer
    Rregional transfer
  • Retail distribution center
    Retail distribution center
Consulting and planning
Consulting and planning

Business process diagnosis and reorganization

Raw material/finished product storage planning

Internal logistics planning for intelligent manufacturing

Overall planning and design of logistics center

System development
System development

Logistics process design

Information system interface design

Development of logistics information management system

Development of logistics equipment control system

Equipment manufacturing
Equipment manufacturing

Logistics equipment selection planning

Core equipment manufacturing

Outsourcing of key equipment design

Peripheral equipment procurement integration

Integration implementation
Integration implementation

Civil engineering instruction/equipment installation

Single debugging of logistics equipment

Joint debugging of equipment and system

Test run of stress test and simulation

Operation guidance
Operation guidance

Whole-process implementing guidance by online

Operation guidance of integrated warehousing and distribution

Logistics center management consulting

Logistics operation efficiency optimization

Data analysis

In the early stage of project contact, Galaxis makes in-depth understanding of product characteristics and warehousing requirements and professional data analysis, so as to accurately grasp the client's business situation. Through close collaboration, in-depth analysis and on-site evaluation, the original data is transformed into accurate information structures, thus providing clients with multiple solutions and designing the optimal logistics solutions.

  • Immediate response

    Galaxis provides clients with 24/7 security services. The Company's after-sales engineers will arrive at the project site as soon as possible. When clients need remote support for preventive services, the Company will arrange experienced engineers to operate in a timely manner to ensure the normal operation of clients' equipment.

    24/7 quick response
    Experienced technical support
    Stable equipment operation
    Professional and systematic project implementation
  • Maintenance

    provide professional maintenance services for the provided equipment, so as to timely find out problems and eliminate hidden dangers. At present, the maintenance services are divided into single maintenance service and regular maintenance service. During the service period, the engineer will regularly check and analyze the use and potential problems of the client's on-site equipment, and give professional maintenance advice.

    Professional maintenance
    Regular troubleshooting
    Improve equipment efficiency
    Intelligent system integration
  • Onsite service

    On-site service means that after the acceptance of the project, the after-sales engineers of Galaxis will go directly to the project site to implement the maintenance and guarantee service according to the client's working time, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of the client's equipment, to provide clients with daily maintenance, exception handling, regular maintenance services and spare parts supply services.

    Safe and reliable technical support
    Safe and reliable technical support
    High-quality maintenance services
    High-quality maintenance services
    Highly efficiently handle equipment failure
    Highly efficiently handle equipment failure
    Continuous optimization and upgrading of system
    Continuous optimization and upgrading of system
  • Upgrade

    Does your logistics integration system still meet your needs? Do you want to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your infrastructure when your facilities are no longer able to meet the growing needs of your business?The experienced logistics expert team of Galaxis will work out the upgrading and reconstruction plan suitable for your development according to your needs and the characteristics of business development. The upgrading and reconstruction plan includes system software upgrading, intelligent shuttle warehouse upgrading and reconstruction, logistics integration scheme upgrading and so on.

    Improve efficiency
    Reduce cost
    Improve performance
    Scientific layout
Technical Support

The after-sales engineers of Galaxis provide clients with timely assistance through telephone support, online diagnosis, remote monitoring and on-site maintenance. As a system integrator, Galaxis has rich experience in the industry, and provides clients with fast and efficient solutions. The Company's after-sales engineers receive the clients' messages through the global service network 24 hours a day, and provide clients with on-site services and all necessary spare parts according to the needs of clients.

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