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Based on the business needs of the library, Galaxis took the lead in launching the "Intelligent library ASRS". This system is automated and three-dimensionally designed based on automatic close-shelves management system and original library management system, to realize the functions such as library’s self-service of borrowing and returning, new book replacing and inventory, and to solve the problem of book mis-shelf, loss, and occupancy of reading space, caused by the current library open-shelves lending management mode. With the three-dimensional design, the space of bookshelves was utilized in maximum.

  • A large library in Suzhou

    It is the first "intelligent storage library" in China, with an area of 35,000 square meters and an automatic storage space that can hold 7 million books. Galaxis has equipped the whole project with 20 four-way shuttles, 4 high-speed elevators and 2 miniloads, with a storage and delivery efficiency of up to 50,000 books/day.

    —— It is conducive to the protection and management of classic ancient books

    —— Lock the storage space in 1 second and complete the delivery in 1 minute

    —— With a 40% reduction in land area, there is enough space for the future expansion of the library

    A large library in Suzhou
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