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There are different applications in the fashion industry, such as storage, full-carton sorting, one-order multi-product intensive releasing, total picking and sowing, goods to person, replenishment, and route sorting. As a supply chain service provider with rich management experience, Galaxis is capable of providing equipment, scientific planning and design, thus can truly solve logistics problems, and maximize mechanical effect by coordinating the equipment running through the system.

  • A logistics center of a well-known footwear group in Each China

    The project covers an area of about 11,000 square meters with a storage capacity of 130,000 boxes. Its business scope meets the daily delivery of 1,500 stores in East China and the daily e-commerce business of 50,000 orders nationwide. It only takes 30 minutes from order generation to goods delivery. The system can also complete the delivery task of 5000 boxes in offline stores, with the Max. delivery capacity of more than 300,000 pairs during the Double 11 period.

    Galaxis is equipped with 26 four-way shuttles for the entire logistics system, with a storage and delivery efficiency of up to 7,200 boxes per day.

    —— A substantial reduction in personnel

    —— Seasonal assignments are shortened by two weeks

    —— It only takes 30 minutes from order placing to goods delivery.

    A logistics center of a well-known footwear group in Each China
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