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Facing the increasing labor cost and low-value but intensive labor operation, the retail logistics will transform to intelligence and automation from traditions. How to reduce logistics cost is becoming the important benchmark of retail enterprises'horizontal competition. 

  • Shanghai Pangpangxiang agricultural products distribution company

    The project planned and built a set of cold and fresh AS/RS logistics system and achieves intensive storage of agricultural products preservation and cold storage, efficient and accurate entry and exit control with the help of advanced shuttle intensive storage system, which ensures logistics efficiency improvement while optimizes its operating costs. The AS/RS mainly consists of a shuttle intensive warehouse, a conveying line, and a picking table. The shuttle intensive warehouse is 6 meters high, 21 meters long, and 11 meters wide, with a total of 10 levels of shelves, and a storage capacity of 1,600 compartments.

    - Efficient enhancement of storage space and efficient use of space resources.

    - Saved handling costs and significantly reduction of the loss rate of agricultural products.

    - Information traceability achieved, so that every process can be completely recorded, where the destination can be verified, the flow can be traced, and information can be queried.

    Shanghai Pangpangxiang agricultural products distribution company
  • Liqun Group

    With a history of more than 80 years in the super market sector, Liqun Group is a cross-regional, multi-format, and comprehensive joint-stock commercial enterprise group. As one of the top 500 enterprises in China, Liqun Group has kept bringing new approaches to its business model and playing steadily. In the commercial retail field, it has been insisting on the construction of independent and controllable supply chain system, and is committed to building a value supply chain system integrating procurement, brand operation, warehousing and distribution, and channel operation.

    - High storage density vertical storage doubles the space utilization, with a storage capacity of 600,000 pieces.

    - Galaxis provides a comprehensive “goods-to-man” picking solution for the project and enables more accurate and convenient operations from full case picking to split-case pick, which can comfortably handle picking tasks with multiple SKUs, small batches and high traffic volumes, and completely reduce storage costs.

    Liqun Group
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