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Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing have driven the development of intelligent warehousing and intelligent transportation and distribution. With the introduction of intelligent warehousing and logistics technology, Galaxis can help electronic manufacturing enterprises more accurately and efficiently manage warehousing, as well as the flow of parts, semi-finished products and finished products, effectively reduce logistics costs, and shorten the production cycle, thus helping clients to maintain a leading position in the fierce competition.

  • A logistics park of a 3C manufacturing company in Guangdong

    In 2018, Galaxis provided it with overall logistics solutions such as warehouse layout, process design, equipment selection, installation and debugging, system design and development. The project covers an area of 50,000 square meters, with 8000 SKUs, 47,000 daily orders and 60,000 peak orders.

    —— The medium container and pallet are 10 times and 4 times of manual tallying efficiency respectively

    —— Integration of 16 business scenarios, with an integrated warehousing and distribution

    —— The storage space utilization rate is 5 times higher than that of ordinary warehouse, and the efficiency of by robot is 3 times higher than that of manual.

    A logistics park of a 3C manufacturing company in Guangdong
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