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Third-party logistics refers that a third-party logistics company provides systematic, customized and information-based logistics management services to multiple customers.

  • A third-party logistics and warehousing base

    It adopts 12 four-way multi-shuttles of Galaxis, and achieves the intelligentization of the whole process, such as the receiving of goods orders, the creation of intelligent wave picking, the sorting of orders, the inspection and packaging of goods, and the delivery of goods out of the warehouse, achieves the optimization of supply chain from factory to warehouse, distributor, store and consumer, including production planning, pick-up of goods from plants, warehouse location, mode of transportation and resource allocation, and provides the full-link service mode of "general warehouse + sub-warehouse + store distribution + allocation +O2O".

    — Warehouse area of 5000㎡

    — Storage spaces of 30,000 cases

    — Achieve 40 cases/vehicle/hour, and 400 order lines/workstation/hour

    A third-party logistics and warehousing base
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