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GALAXIS Group’s overseas business headquarters settled in Wuxi to fully promote the global market
22 Jun . 2022

The overseas business headquarters of GALAXIS Group was officially settled in Wuxi.



Wuxi Province is not only the origin of GALAXIS but also the birthplace of its core product —— Full Roaming Shuttle FLASH. The first shuttle manufactured by GALAXIS and exported overseas was produced in Wuxi. Today, GALAXIS shuttle can be seen not only in Asia, such as South Korea, but also in the Middle East, such as Israel.



Since GALAXIS expanded its overseas market in 2019, with the support of its partners, its core product, the Full Roaming Shuttle FLASH has gained recognition from global experts and customers, quickly establishing a strong customer brand image in just three years.


Currently, GALAXIS has successfully implemented and landed nearly 20 intelligent logistics projects in 10 countries and regions including South Korea, Japan, Russia, Dubai, Israel, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United States. The products exported overseas have expanded from the Shuttle System to stacker cranes, conveyor sorting equipment, and mobile handling robots.


Among them, the Russian project is the largest project implemented overseas to date, with a total contract value exceeding 100 million RMB. GALAXIS, as the overall solution designer and implementer of this project, provided a full set of equipment integration services and conveyor equipment PLC and WCS software system services, involving over 700 sorting carts and related warehouse management systems.


In early 2022, GALAXIS partnered with one of the top three logistics system integrators globally. With the strong advantage of the shuttle solution, GALAXIS outperformed other European and American warehouse logistics brands and signed a luxury goods logistics center project in Dubai. This also signifies that China’s self-developed and produced intelligent logistics products, as well as its technological strength including software and hardware planning capabilities, have gained international recognition from multiple parties. This lays a solid foundation for further expanding the European and American markets. Currently, this project has entered the detailed implementation phase.


Today, GALAXIS has established two overseas subsidiaries located in Moscow, Russia, and Hamburg, Germany. The Russian subsidiary serves as both a business expansion and customer service platform, providing intelligent logistics solutions and fast after-sales service to local customers in Russia.


In 2022, GALAXIS Russia showcased at the CeMAT Russia exhibition, with the Full Roaming Shuttle as the core equipment. The solution for storage of containers and pallets covers various industry scenarios such as access and handling, providing Russian warehousing and logistics customers with multiple options for logistics intelligent products and solutions.


The German subsidiary focuses on expanding business in the European region and is also involved in product research and development. By combining Europe’s advanced experience in logistics equipment with China’s excellent manufacturing capabilities, GALAXIS maintains its leading position in technology for core products.


In the future, expanding overseas business will be one of the core strategies of the GALAXIS Group. With the Wuxi Overseas Business Headquarters as the base, GALAXIS has established five global regional centers (Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, Russia, and the Middle East), covering and radiating the five major regional markets of North America, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. By leveraging localized implementation and service capabilities, GALAXIS delivers intelligent logistics equipment from China to major global markets. The global layout also solidifies GALAXIS’s path to becoming a leading global provider of robots and intelligent equipment, as well as a technology service provider.

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