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RCS  System RCS  System
RCS System
Galaxis RCS Sysyem (Intelligent multi-device cluster scheduling system) can meet the large-scale robot cluster scheduling requirements required by customers in the two systems of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent logistics. It is used to control intelligent robots such as AMR and shuttles.

RCS adopts a micro-service architecture, which can directly control intelligent hardware devices, and can cooperate with upper-level business systems (WMS, ERP) or warehouse control systems (WCS) to give full play to and optimize the efficiency of intelligent robot equipment, thereby improving the operation of the equipment. efficiency. At present, the RCS system supports the docking of equipment such as lifts conveyor lines, robotic arms etc.


SKU information is maintainable

Inventory management

Customizable spare time restocking function

Support access to signals from peripheral non-logistics equipment

Meet the operation scenarios such as mixing boxes, stacking boxes, replacing containers, etc.

RCS  System
Automation solution
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