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Galaxis Technology Group’s overseas business headquarters settled in Wuxi to fully promote the global market

What’s New! Recently, the overseas business headquarters of Galaxis Technology Group was officially settled in Wuxi.


Wuxi Province is not only the origin of Galaxis Technology but also the birthplace of its core product - FWS multi-shuttls. The first FWS sent overseas by Galaxis Group was produced at its manufacturing base in Wuxi, which now can be found in South Korea in Asia and in Israel in the Middle East.


Thanks to the support of partners, Galaxis Technology Group opened up overseas markets in 2019, and its core product -- FWS four-way multi-shuttle was highly recognized by global experts and customers within just 3 years, building a good brand image quickly. At present, Galaxis has successfully implemented and landed nearly 20 intelligent logistics projects in 10 countries and regions, including South Korea, Japan, Russia, Dubai, Israel, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan, China, and the product categories exported overseas have also been expanded from FWS shuttle systems to SRM, sorters and mobile handling robots.


Among them, the Russian project has been the largest one implemented overseas so far, with a total contract value of over RMB 100 million. As the designer and implementing party of the overall solution for this project, Galaxis Technology provided a full set of equipment integration services and conveyor PLC and WCS software system services, involving more than 700 core sorters and related warehouse management systems. 


From contracting in 2019 to system launch in 2021, the entire project withstood the severe test of the COVID-19 pandemic, and actively dealt with the challenges of cross-border staff movement, material transportation, and project advancement brought about by the pandemic during its 1.5-year implementation cycle. On March 4, 2021, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, accompanied by Andrei Travnikov, Governor of the Novosibirsk Region, visited the new modern intelligent logistics center.



Thanks to the excellent advantages of FWS, Galaxis Technology outperformed its European and American competitors in warehouse logistics sector, and worked with the world’s top three logistics system integrators to enter into an agreement in Dubai on a luxury logistics center project in early 2022. This marks that China’s self-developed and domestically-produced intelligent logistics products and technical strength (including software and hardware planning capabilities) have been recognized by many international parties, laying a good foundation for further expansion of the European and American markets. At present, this project has been in the detailed implementation stage.


Today, Galaxis has 2 overseas subsidiaries in Moscow, Russia, and Hamburg, Germany. Among them, the Russian Branch is responsible for business development and customer service, and provides intelligent logistics solutions and fast after-sales service for local customers in Russia. In 2022, Galaxis Russian Branch appeared at the CeMAT RUSSIA 2022. With the flagship product -- FWS four-way multi-shuttle as the core equipment, its totes and pallet base warehousing solutions covered various industry scenarios, including application access and handling, thus providing multiple options for Russian warehousing and logistics customers in logistics intelligent products and solutions.


In addition to focusing on expanding the business in Europe, the German Branch involves some product research and development work. Combining the advanced experience in logistics equipment in Europe with excellent manufacturing capabilities in China, it keeps Galaxis’s core products at the leading edge of technology.



In the future, overseas business development will be one of the core strategies of Galaxis Group. Based on the Wuxi overseas business headquarters, Galaxis has established five global regional centers (Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, Russia, the Middle East) to simultaneously radiate and cover five major regional markets, and deliver intelligent logistics equipment from China to the major global markets through localized implementation and service capabilities. The global layout also allows Galaxis Technology Group to take a solid step forward in becoming a leading global provider of robotics and intelligent equipment and technology services.