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Delivering One-stop Services of Smart Warehousing Logistics Robots

The growing trend towards personalization and customization has made it a challenge for manufacturers to ensure product diversification, order fragmentation, and service customization. Further, they are also plagued with an increasing demand for intensive warehousing and large-scale split-case operations plus a more intense competition. At the same time, the rising cost of land and labour has also brought great challenges to the logistics investment in the early stage.

This is where Galaxis Technology steps in. The company upholds the R&D concept of building standardized and modular smart equipment clusters, transforming from "one machine dedicated for a special purpose" to "multiple functions realized by one machine" to develop a scalable, highly stable, and cost-effective logistics system. Additionally, Galaxis Technology's smart algorithm optimization capability makes the intelligent logistics system solution highly flexible. As a result, it can adapt to various logistics business needs quickly to address the diversified challenges of enterprise logistics formats and better serve customers in the journey towards completely unmanned logistics.

Galaxis Technology has become a winner in China's smart logistics industry with an annual growth rate of more than 50 percent. Dr. Gu Chunguang, the founder of Galaxis Technology, graduated from the MIT and held key positions in i2 Technologies, Inc. and McKinsey & Company. In 2014, Dr.Gu saw the huge value and market space behind the field of intelligent logistics and was fully aware of the importance of logistics and supply chain to the development of enterprises. Therefore, he boldly introduced foreign advanced technology, carried out localized innovation, formed a unique technology patent - four-way multi-shuttle robot technology, and quickly expanded the domestic market share, becoming one of the four-way multi-shuttle robot companies with the highest market share.


Dr. Gu and his team have adhered to an endless pursuit of smart logistics innovation back in the early days of the enterprise, and that's why the company gained its name of "GALAXIS"—which means "Galaxy" in Chinese, indicating to create a high-tech highland towards the vast ocean of innovation! It symbolizes that the ultimate goal of Galaxis Technology is to be a professional one-stop service provider of intelligent logistics solutions, far beyond a producer of high-end logistics robots only.

Galaxis Technology is spread across 10 countries with more than 800 employees. It has developed an integrated solution including logistics system consulting planning, software development, robots manufacturing, project delivery, as well as R&D and manufacturing of such high-end logistics robots as multi-shuttles, pallet/tote stacker cranes, shuttle cars, high-speed lifts, AGV&AMR, de-palletize/palletize picking robots, and smart equipments like conveying and sorting systems, serving as an intelligent logistics partner of well-known brands such as ZTE, OPPO, and SF Express. "For Galaxis, our goal is not only to make breakthroughs in technology, but to create value for customers in combination with applications! Therefore, "Technology empowers logistics" has always been the core concept held by our enterprise," says Dr. Hongxing Bai, VP of Galaxis Technology and Dean of AI Research Institute.


Through the combination of scenarios and technologies, solutions from Galaxis Technology cover three major logistics scenarios of industrial customers, which are ASRS, handling, and sorting. The company provides high-quality automated ASRS systems, which is one of its earliest core products. By adopting drive-through racking to eliminate working aisles, it maximizes the utilization rate of storage space up to more than 90 percent, satisfying the operation requirements of FIFO (first in, first out) and FILO (first in, later out).

Galaxis Technology has been deeply involved in the field of mobile robots for many years and has successively launched a variety of mobile robots adapted to multiple scenes. It has independently developed SLAM visual and laser navigation technologies with industry-leading positioning and navigation accuracy.

Dr. Bai says: “We always adhere to the concept of ‘customer scenario is king, technology-oriented to create value’ to maintain the cooperative relationship with customers.” The company believes that excellent products and technologies are the foundation, professional implementation and after-sales is the link, and mutual value creation is the foundation of long-term cooperation. In the future, Galaxis will improve its global layout and establish a global network, focus on South Korea, Europe, the U.S., Southeast Asia, and other regions, and take a solid step on the road to become an international leading logistics equipment manufacturer. 

At the same time, Dr. Bai tells us that Galaxis Technology will rely on the strong R&D capabilities of Intelligent Research Institute to achieve breakthroughs in emerging technologies such as algorithms and 3D vision technology, and in further, GALAXIS will improve the software of WMS and WCS. "We never stop the technology innovation! Intelligent logistics warehouse is a long-distance track. In the future, GALAXIS will continue to invest in product research and development, deepen the accumulation of experience in various industries, increase talent development, and promote "Made in China" to the world," concludes Dr. Bai.