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Dr Bai Hongxing attended the CAIRDC Advanced Seminar on Intelligent Sensing and Sensor Fusion Technology

On 21 June, Dr Bai Hongxing from Galaxis was invited to attend the CAIRDC Advanced Seminar on Intelligent Sensing and Sensor Fusion Technology. This seminar was held in Shanghai, where speakers and delegates from the best research institutions and product development companies in China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) delivered speeches or shared discussions on their teams' latest research findings or application practices. With the goal of mining and spreading artificial intelligence and robot technology, this seminar focused on the key and difficult points in the integration process of emerging technologies, made in-depth analysis, and shared and exchanged the ideas of innovative applications, so as to promote the healthy development of the entire technology industry.

This seminar covered the most important technical fields of mobile robot development and practice, including mobile robot crowd control technology, low-speed unmanned driving technology, visual SLAM technology, navigation and positioning technology, vehicle control technology, etc. The participants gathered in a special discussion on the innovation and development of various technologies, and shared the experience and results of the application of various technologies in the actual scenarios, and got a warm response and discussion. The atmosphere of the seminar was very animated.

Dr. Bai Hongxing has been committed to the innovation research in the field of intelligent logistics technology. As for intelligent perception and sensor fusion application technology, he said that this is the trend of the times. All industries are inseparable from the innovation and integration of science and technology, and they need to be constantly iterated and updated. In the logistics industry with the most application of emerging technologies, as a leading provider of intelligent logistics solutions, Galaxis has been complying with the new changes and trends of the market, constantly innovating and developing, and applying advanced technologies in the construction of its intelligent logistics systems. In the future, Galaxis will continue to innovate and explore, open up and cooperate, help enterprises to build logistics technology systems with leading advantages in the industry, and facilitate the long-term development of enterprises.