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Galaxis attended the "8th International Fashion Goods Supply Chain Summit Forum 2019"

On December 20, 2019, the 8th International Fashion Goods Supply Chain Summit Forum was successfully concluded in Shanghai. This forum was co-sponsored and hosted by China's Modern Logistics magazine and other companies. This forum brings together business elites to jointly explore the new direction of fashion goods supply chain development with the theme of "cross-border operation under new circulation".

As an integrator with rich experience in intelligent warehousing in the fashion goods industry, Galaxis is committed to leading the intelligent transformation of the logistics industry and developing towards the most comprehensive intelligent logistics solutions. The first is planning, the second is laying the foundation, and the second is integration, which needs to be achieved through the four technologies, including equipment, interconnection, data and system, so as to break through the omni-channel supply chain management and help the fashion goods industry to move towards "sustainable" development.

From "Aoakng East China Logistics Distribution Center", "a well-known cross-border e-commerce enterprise logistics center" to "a well-known down jacket enterprise logistics center", etc., Galaxis has put into use a variety of flexible logistics systems and technologies, helping fashion goods supply chain to enter a new era of intelligent logistics.

With the advent of the information age, taking advantage of resources for their own use by relying on black technology is the kingly way; The market is in a a changeable situation. Faster updates are needed to get a head start. The current warehousing and logistics industry, driven by e-commerce and new retail, is facing huge challenges. Galaxis with high-end logistics robots and logistics software products, can provide solutions for the whole logistics links including procurement, production, transportation, distribution and retail, so as to achieve the rapid response and efficient coordination of warehouse and transparent visualization, make the supply chain "faster and more flexible", and achieve the integration of business flow, logistics and information flow, thus meeting customer demands.