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Miniload Miniload

Miniload is a high-density storage solution that takes the tote (carton, plastic box) as the main storage unit and the SRM as the storage and retrieval equipment. Its load weight varies from 25kg to 200kg with the working form of single-deep position/double-deep position, single station/double station. It is suitable for the storage and retrieval of goods in totes in a large number of SKUs, which has the feature of flexible and efficient storage and retrieval, convenient for full-case storage 

and split-case picking.

The miniload-based solution will be adjusted completely according to the requirements of clients, including running speed, elevation of fork, handling speed of fork, acceleration/deceleration, and positioning accuracy, so as to create higher economic value for clients.


Product Advantages

High-performance: With strong mechanical design and superior performance,miniload can easily achieve a loading and unloading height of 24m and a maximum running speed of 400m/min.

Energy-saving: Based on the principle of low energy consumption, the overall energy consumption of Galaxis miniload is reduced by 30%. In addition, its stable component design leads to a lower failure rate, which helps clients reduce the reserve of spare parts and extend its service life, thus enabling the product to achieve higher economic effects throughout its life cycle.

Customization: We provide customized solutions depending on customer requirements, such as cold storage warehouse of fresh food and new energy industry. It can be customized depending on special load requirements or material fixture. All business requirements from clients can be met.

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