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New energy industry Products New energy industry Products
New energy industry Products
New energy industry Products

In the field of new energy, in the production process, it is necessary to meet the requirements of fire prevention, fire extinguishing, and dust prevention and introduces processes as eliminate metal friction and dust partition during transportation. In addition, high production stability and flexible maintenance on smart equipment are also required. To this end, Galaxis has done in-depth customization and development of key components of stacker cranes, roller conveyor lines and others. The developed fireproof box stacker is equipped with sensors with battery fireproof function, which improves product quality and reduce manufacturing cost while eliminating the hidden danger of battery production. It also achieves maintenance-free in the whole life cycle, significantly reduce the number of maintenance and realized other flexible improvements, and has been favored by many customers after entering the market. With years of accumulation of logistics technology and understanding of battery production process, Galaxis focuses on the overall solution of smart logistics system in the field of new energy power battery production and manufacturing equipment. Daring to innovate, Galaxis has mature solutions and project cases in the front section of automatic loading, the middle section of forming and dividing capacity vertical storage, and the back section of PACK line conveying.


Corporate advantages

Efficient delivery capability: customer delivery oriented, integration of quality resources in the supply chain to efficiently meet customer demand

Mature software application: With more than 15 years of manufacturing experience, the software architecture is mature and reasonable, bringing cost-effective system solutions to customers

Lithium manufacturing: with more than 10 years of experience in lithium equipment manufacturing, and a deep understanding of lithium battery process, it provides excellent lithium smart manufacturing solutions

Reduced manufacturing costs: lifelong maintenance-free or significantly reduced maintenance frequency in the whole life cycle of the product and other flexible improvements to optimize the efficiency and cost of use of equipment throughout its life cycle

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