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Blitz series sorter has been developed and put on the market since 2017. At the same time, after a long time of customer verification and peak application, the product has been highly recognized by clients in the industry.

Blitz series sorter is a set of intelligent, efficient and stable automatic sorting solutions, with extremely low failure rate and reliable mechanical performance. It can obtain the destination information of items through automatic identification of bar code and automatically distribute it to each fixing port. At present, the solution can be applied to e-commerce, express delivery, manufacturing and other related fields. The product is developed based on the modular design idea, and can be expanded and split according to the needs of clients, with ultra-high flexibility and stability. Compared with the traditional sorting equipment, the product is more cost-effective, less dependent on the site, shorter in delivery time, personalized, and quick in matching the business needs of clients with rapid development.


Excellent sorting technology

It is combined with full bar code reading ability

The modules are perfectly matched and easy to combine

It can be designed according to the actual site of clients

The ability to handle multiple items makes it an ideal solution

Automation solution
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