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Galaxis has a proven ability to manufacture, plan & design and integrate AGV transportation robot system. This system is interconnected with WCS, WMS, TMS, GSEE and other intelligent systems to form the interaction of information flow in the warehouse. With the functions of intelligent scheduling, obstacle avoidance, and real-time monitoring, GALAXIS AGV system can open intelligent and flexible material handling mode for clientsIn addition, according to the actual needs of users, Galaxis can also carry out secondary development to create intelligent warehousing and flexible production for different business scenarios of enterprises, thus helping them reduce labor costs and greatly improve operating efficiency.


Product Features

Safe - German obstacle avoidance technology, intelligent scheduling, safe touch, voice and light alert

Flexible - Modularized hardware, adaptable to multiple scenarios and different sites

Fast - fast deployment, with a Max. of 2 hours

Precise - Laser + variable length 2D code navigation, ±10.0mm parking and positioning accuracy

Long lasting - 8~10h battery life, 1-hour fast charging. Support automatic charging and manual switching

Agile - 2.2m/s running speed, 3° super climbing ability

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