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Multi-shuttle Multi-shuttle

Multi-shuttle, independently developed by Galaxis, is widely used in the material retrieval and storage system of various industries, as well as in the leftover logistics of manufacturing. The super-capacitor improves the energy utilization of the multi-shuttle. In the tote/carton ASRS, cross-bay operation can be realized and shuttles can be backed up to each other, thus giving the warehouse layout with great flexibility and diversity.  


Four-way driving and cross-bay operation - High flexibility

The intelligent multi-shuttle, a highly flexible shuttle for tote/carton ASRS, can reach any cargo location in the warehouse with the high-speed lift.

The equipment can be backed up to each other. When any shuttle and lift fails, GIS can dispatch other shuttle and high-speed lift to replace them.

It can be customized for a particular industry. Anti-static (-Ω) shuttle can meet the demand of safety work.

It is optional from single/double deep, clamped/telescopic fork, suitable for different product specifications

The world's leading super-capacitor technology – High stability shuttle for light, fast and long lasting use.

The super-capacitor, faster and longer lasting, can be repeatedly charged for a million times.

A 10-second charge can cover the shuttle's use for 3 minutes.

The shuttle can store energy during braking and make energy recovery easy.

One-stop intelligent logistics solution — let clients free from worry

The warehouse with multi-shuttles realizes the "goods to person" picking system mode, which adjusts the operating capacity of the system according to the increase or decrease of the number of shuttles required in order to improve the storage capacity and throughput capacity.

GIS can automatically balance the task volume of each operating unit to ensure the full utilization of the operating capacity of equipment.

Multi-shuttle ASRS saves a lot of storage space, reduces storage operation cost, and lifts warehouse processing capacity to a new level.

  • Energy-saving

    • Energy recovery system

    • The main power supply adopts super-capacitor, which can be repeatedly charged for 1 million times repeatedly

    • A 10-second charge can cover the shuttle's use for 3 minutes.

  • Safe

    • Pass CE certification standard

    • Real-time monitoring and management

    • Its collision avoidance system can give early warning

  • Precise

    • Accurate detection of positioning point can be reached to ±1mm.

  • Intelligent

    • It can be intelligently scheduled through the system to preset the optimal path

    • The shuttles are backed up to each other

  • Standard

    • All parts of shuttles adopt global industry standard

  • • Max. speed with empty loading: 5m/s
  • • Max. loading weight: 50kg
  • • Max. speed in operation: 4m/s
  • • Power supply: super-capacitor + lithium battery
  • • Max. acceleration speed: 2m/s²
  • • Loading size: L:290~800mm W:300~600mm
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