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High-speed lift High-speed lift
High-speed lift
High-speed lift

With the rapid growth of logistics demand, the demand for intelligent and efficient storage system is becoming higher and higher. In the intelligent shuttle system, the application scenarios of high speed lift with intelligent shuttle operation are more and more extensive. In order to optimize the solutions for warehouse with multi-shuttles, and improve the layer change efficiency of shuttle, the Company developed a new type of high-speed lift, KNIGHT series shuttle layer change lift, and THUNDER series tote bin lift.


Small floor space and high safety performance

The lift is independently designed by Galaxis, which occupies a small space, and has stable overall structure and high safety.

The safety module emergency stop safety system and other safety protection mechanisms are used.

Accurate positioning

It adopts the world famous synchronous belt and combines with the high-performance motor to ensure the precise and controllable movement.

Different combinations of bar code belt, encoder, sensor and other positioning facilities ensure the accurate cage movement and positioning of the lift.

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