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Digital Twin Digital Twin
Digital Twin
Digital Twin

Digital twin is a kind of interactive mapping between physical space and cyberspace through the comprehensive application of information technologies such as perception, calculation and modeling and software definition to describe, diagnose, predict and make decisions on physical space.

By building the digital twin system for the whole process of warehousing and logistics, Galaxis can achieve the digitization of the whole process of logistics system, improve the innovation level of intelligent logistics system, improve the efficiency of logistics operation, and achieve the flexibility and intelligence of logistics system. Digital twin model can continuously accumulate knowledge related to intelligent logistics equipment and product design and manufacturing, continuously achieve management and invocation, and achieve continuous improvement, design and innovation.


Low cost scheme validation to save time and cost;

Early warning system for controlled areas to monitor the anomaly of regional operation and environment;

Logistics systems are becoming more and more precise and intelligent. It can reduce resource/operation bottlenecks, reduce crowding and improve efficiency;

Real-time operation data analysis to help managers timely adjust operation strategies and personnel, and improve overall operation efficiency;

It combines AR/VR technology to achieve virtual teaching by operating the machine, and in fact the machine can be a remote or local one, and you can simulate to its various feedback, which can be more vivid and intuitive.

Digital Twin
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