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China proposes "Made in China 2025" as a response to a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, and aims to become a powerful manufacturing country from a great manufacturing country by 2025 through "innovation-driven development" and "intelligent transformation".

Automobile industry is a leading industry in China's manufacturing economy. Improving management level and enhancing competitiveness is the only way for automobile manufacturing enterprises in China. By introducing intelligent and informationized whole process tracing management, the transformation of management modes in enterprises is promoted. The traditional experience management has been transformed into accurate digital analysis management. The post-management has been transformed into in-process management and real-time management. The traditional "result orientation" has been transformed into "process orientation"; The "data entry" has been transformed into "data acquisition", compatible with the original "data entry" method; The "search by hand" has been changed to "pick-up by location" and “goods to person”; The whole process is efficient, fast, fine, controllable and accurate.

As a rapidly developing supplier of intelligent logistics solutions, Galaxis has a team composed of dozens of experts from the automotive industry, specializing in providing overall production, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics solutions from stamping, welding, painting and final assembly for the pain points and needs in the automotive manufacturing process.

Industry features

The products have diversified categories and large differences, and have high requirements on production flexibility.

The production processes are numerous and the technologies are complex.

Product design and production process design often pursue standardization and the unification of organic contradiction with product customization.

The flow between different processes involves the connection and conversion of market demand, time change, space management and process control.

The production patterns are changeable, and the production modes in assembly line are carried out according to the production tempo.

To reduce the quantity of material cache on the line and timely respond to the production demand on the line, a variety of different strategies are adopted, such as pull-driven distribution, JIT and JIS.

The production logistics information coverage of enterprises is insufficient, and the production plan does not match with the actual production, thus failing to reach the goal of balanced production.

Our advantages

Provide Just-In-Time (JIT) technique.Improve the speed and accuracy of information flow.

Reduce the transmission of redundant information,reduce the operation steps and eliminate the operating delay.

Provide clients with appropriate automation solutions.The logistics system responds quickly to customer demands.

Achieve low cost and high efficiency, and eliminate equipment depletion, personnel redundancy, operating delay and resource waste.

Lifelong maintenance of projects, long-term and stable tracking of clients, continuous improvement and upgrading, and timely elimination of wasteful links once found.

Strive for perfection. Continuously discover and eliminate the bottleneck, and improve efficiency.

Replace traditional heavy and manual labor with intelligent and fast sorting robots, achieve the sorting mode of "robot to goods" in e-commerce warehousing.

Solve the pain points of time consumption, goods loss and low labor efficiency in the process of sorting goods, take advantage of the depth vision of robots to greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy.

Reduce labor costs, and truly achieve the unmanned sorting of e-commerce goods.

Automobile Industry
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