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Household Appliance Industry Household Appliance Industry

The single manufacturing mode of household appliance industry has been unable to meet the needs of its development. Materials, planning, production-supply-marketing, design, process and manufacturing have become the core elements that determine whether an enterprise can achieve high efficiency, high quality and low cost. This requires centering on the core business from design, process to manufacturing, and connecting the cycle nodes of information between key processes horizontally, supply chains and key manufacturing links between headquarters and manufacturing workshops nationwide, so as to achieve the real-time and efficient flow of equipment information in enterprises, improve the capacity and level of networked and remote collaborative manufacturing, and build line logistics and intelligent plants with flexible, intelligent and fine production capacity.

Industry features

Logistics costs and distribution costs are high.

The warehousing is decentralized, with no standardized management process.

The distribution information fails to be shared, the feedback information is not timely, and the service quality is not unified.

The unfixed quantity of goods and the unfixed area required for warehousing make the warehouse costs of the operator rise sharply.

Our advantages

The multi-way line warehouse is directly connected to the production line, helping solve the problem of backward production logistics management and technology in machining workshop and improve the production logistics efficiency.

Establish the production logistics system for machining and automation workshops.

Provide production logistics information processing mode, logistics scheduling and logistics equipment path planning methods in automation workshop.

Establish the line logistics system in the intelligent workshop to improve the overall information and intelligent level of the workshop.

Household Appliance Industry
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