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In recent years, the overall sales of vehicles in China have been declining year by year, while the proportion of new energy vehicles is on the rise. Only when the vast number of individual households accept the new energy vehicles, it reveals the end of the era of fuel vehicles in China and even the world, and the arrival of the era of new energy vehicles. The good news is that compared with previous years when new energy vehicles were concentrated in public transportation and online ride-hailing, the proportion of C-end users of new-energy vehicles increased this year.

The current power sources of new energy vehicles are basically lithium batteries. The benign development of new energy vehicles will inevitably drive the development of lithium battery industry and its upstream and downstream supply chains. Data shows that the global planned capacity of lithium battery will increase to 621GWh by 2022, and its growth rate will reach more than 5 times in the next three years. It is estimated that the newly increased equipment investment corresponding to the lithium battery industry will total about RMB 179.4 billion. This means that the lithium battery equipment enterprises in China can be given a more considerable market space.

In fact, the production of lithium batteries requires a large amount of equipment. It is unavoidable that whether the transportation of materials, semi-finished products and finished products in the factory is stable and smooth has become an important factor restricting the output and quality. Intelligent logistics technology escorts the production of lithium batteries. As a rapidly developing supplier of intelligent logistics solutions, Galaxis is well versed in the needs and pain points of the lithium battery industry, and has rich logistics experience and the spirit of innovation.

Industry features

Large transport quantity of goods, heavy goods in a single pallet, and high labor costs;

High requirements on automation degree of equipment, and quick response to abnormal points and repair;

High requirements on temperature, humidity, etc in the production workshop;

Complex logistics path, compact space layout, and high difficulties in scheme planning and design;

Large amount of tracing of battery information, and mutual transfer of material flow and information flow between process zones;

Our advantages

Reduce artificial dependence, prevent material damage, and improve automation level.

Provide a powerful scheduling system, and ensure its stability.

Achieve the connectivity of logistics information network and the high efficiency and visualization of management.

Maintain the coordination with the overall production tempo and achieve seamless automation of the production process.

Enrich the product categories, shorten the delivery time and reduce the costs based on the design concept of stratification, modularization and standardization.

Scientific and efficient project organization and management methods, as well as turnkey project, making clients satisfied.

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