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Galaxis has established important cooperation relationships with many well-known pharmaceutical circulation enterprises, and has provided them with prospective built-in operation system and system integration services.

Benefiting from long-term practices, the Company has developed a professional team for logistics research and development, planning and implementation of delivery.

Industry features

The Company’s logistics center meets the requirements of GSP and GMP.

Product order features fragmented quantity, small batch, multiple batches, etc.

Customer demand for value-added services leads to complex distribution requirements.

NMPA has launched the drug traceability project, which increases the operation cost of logistics links.

Traditional manual operation mode for pharmaceuticals is limited by low efficiency.

Logistics information coverage is under-performed.

Our advantages

Providing clients with appropriate automation.

Meet the needs of different types of warehousing operations, such as full-pallet, full-case and split-case.

GALAXIS-independently-developed WMS completely changes the manual and paper working mode.

Build in modern, efficient and accurate operation system.

Adapt to changing laws and regulations, product handling requirements and customer needs

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