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Based on the business needs of the library, Galaxis took the lead in launching the "Intelligent library ASRS". This system is automated and three-dimensionally designed based on automatic close-shelves management system and original library management system, to realize the functions such as library’s self-service of borrowing and returning, new book replacing and inventory, and to solve the problem of book mis-shelf, loss, and occupancy of reading space, caused by the current library open-shelves lending management mode. With the three-dimensional design, the space of bookshelves was utilized in maximum.

Library ASRS adopts intelligent logistic equipment, warehouse control system and library system, and contains high bay racking, multi-shuttle, lift, conveyor WMS and WCS. Library ASRS can realize integrated management for library and information exchange between automatic conveyor systems with combination of RFID and operation with intelligent library data system, and finally obtain the automatic management of library. And through O2O service platform, library ASRS can expand the service from main library to branch library, and the function expansion of self-service outlets. 

Industry features

In the library, the types of books in the library are complex with an independent material code on each book, thus the status of a single book needs to be managed.

The library business industry does not have a unified or standard WMS system for the time being, and it’s necessary to unify related interfaces and specifications based on industry characteristics.

The library’s business flow is relatively simple, mainly implementing document storage, inquiry, reservation, and allocation services. The overall input and output flow is relatively low.

The library ASRS is not an independent system, but required to be combined with the basic services of the library including books return & sorting, documentation distribution & reservation and other functions, to provide a comprehensive set of servic

Our advantages

A variety of logistics automation can provide different and flexible ASRS solutions based on the space situation of the library.

Galaxis self-developed WMS system can be deeply integrated with the library automation system (ILS system) to achieve multiple business functions.

The unique design of the book picking workstation can greatly save library labor operation.

It can be achieved with automatic mode from the automatic storage of books to the delivery, disinfection, plastic packaging, and selection of documents, thus the library service efficiency was highly improved.

With many years of experience in the library industry, we can provide comprehensive logistic solutions for library.

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