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3C Electronics 3C Electronics

3C electronic products feature small size, multiple types and specifications and large quantities and fast iteration of products. In order to satisfy customers’sense of experience, higher requirements are placed on the accuracy and delivery rate of the logistics system. Irregular promotional spikes are a major test of the redundant capabilities of the logistics system. Relying on its rich practical experience and personalized logistics solutions, Galaxis can introducing highly flexible logistic automation to help 3C clients achieve high-level logistics supply chain system management, and provides technical support to meet diversified market demands.

Industry features

The working intensity in the warehouse becomes higher.

Goods feature small size, multiple types and specifications and large quantities.

Low accuracy of the inventory data results in wrong, missed or additional delivery.

Our advantages

We can provide 3C clients with solutions of high flexibility and highly cost-effectiveness.

The situation of wrong and missed delivery in the warehouse can be avoided.

Intelligent real-time inventory can be made.

The division of work tasks and inventory flow can be achieved and the work flow can be standardized.

3C Electronics
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