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Retail Retail

Under the pressure of booming e-commerce and mobile applications, the development of the traditional retail industry promotes the derivation of new commercial activities,such as O2O offline mode and multi-point mobile retail. But both traditional retail and new retail are increasingly dependent on distribution centers. the retail giant has shifted its dependence on channel profit to the interception of logistics marginal benefit. Facing the increasing labor cost and low-value but intensive labor operation, the retail logistics will transform to intelligence and automation from traditions. How to reduce logistics cost is becoming the important benchmark of retail enterprises'horizontal competition. 

Industry features

The traditional mode of operation is being changed gradually and reduce relying on man operation.

The labor costs are constantly increasing.

The life cycle of commodities is shortened.

The order scale is constantly reduced.

The distribution frequency is increasing.

Our advantages

Introduce automatic and labor-saving operation mode.

Process reengineering and optimization are achieved through informatization.

Strengthen the information extension and coordination between upstream and downstream logistics center.

Intercept operational data to form a basis for decision making.

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