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Galaxis has accumulated rich service experience in the fashion industry and built several typical customers projects as well as enjoys a good reputation in the industry.

Driven by e-commerce in recent years, traditional domestic and foreign fashion brands are rapidly constructing new supply chain systems. The logistics center of the fashion industry is developed rapidly and accurately to achieve the integration of offline and online, and greatly shorten the operation link and cycle. In addition to meeting the peak operation of irregular promotions, reverse repurchase business also continuously tests the affordability of the logistics system.

We are good at customizing technical solutions for fashion companies. Through accurate data analysis, we can establish the actual operation model. And at the same time, combined with the enterprise development strategy, we can provide a tailored logistics operation system suitable for the long-term development of the enterprise.

Industry features

There are many kinds of SKU in fashion industry, with high requirements on timeliness and sorting strategy.

The delivery quantity of goods fluctuates and the SKU category changes greatly.

Fashion customers require internal coordination of warehouses and fast in and fast out of goods.

Multiple channels and multiple scenarios should be compatible.

New products and out-of-season products are required to be well managed across seasons.

Our advantages

Replace traditional manual operation with intelligent equipment to improve the degree of automation and reduce the manpower demands.

Introduce information and automation system to greatly reduce the error rate.

It can flexibly handle peak orders and completed order.

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