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Express delivery industry develops very fast in global. Recent years, the speed increase of express delivery industry in China has leaped to the first in the world. The number of parcels delivered each year reached a staggering 60 billion by the end of 2019. The development of e-commerce indirectly promotes the demand of express delivery industry. In addition to the postal service, there have been a number of outstanding local express companies to occupy most of the market. The transit depot of each system has evolved from the simple artificial belt line to the matrix automatic sorting system. A more efficient, intelligent and space-saving delivery and sorting system is the key to the future competition of the express delivery industry.

Industry features

With parcels growing year by year, the express delivery service is much needed.

The accuracy and timeliness of service is increasingly improved.

The intensive manual operation has been unable to meet the actual demand.

More distribution centers are need to satisfy the fast response of goods delivery.

More flexible logistics system is much needed for handling of various goods orders.

Our advantages

We accumulated years of logistics experience in express delivery.

We can provide customized and efficient transit solutions.

We can provide terminal sorting equipment with high processing capacity.

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