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Third-party logistics refers that a third-party logistics company provides systematic, customized and information-based logistics management services to multiple customers.


As competition intensifies, third-party logistics is establishing a more refined and highly information-based supply chain logistics service system. On the other hand, high-end third-party logistics providers have also emerged from industry segments, especially in the fields such as e-commerce, 3C electronics, high-tech, fashions and cold chain, logistics system intelligence, information coverage and automation have become an indispensable link.

Industry features

There are too many owners of goods in stock, with complex goods specifications.

The business features various types with high requirement and fast changes, and difficult to be predicted.

The goods owner has higher requirements for the versatility and flexibility of the logistics system.

It requires high on software management with multiple interface, which can be often modified or increased.

The total operation cost of 3PL increased continuously.

Our advantages

Embed EDI platform to achieve seamless connection of data of various types and owners of goods.

Construct an OMS to achieve electronic documents.

Construct a BMS to easily and efficiently perform settlement in different dimensions.

We provide reasonable logistics solutions close to customer needs and service concepts.

Our solutions are of versatility, efficiency, flexibility and expandability.

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