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With the advent of the Industry 4.0 era, the manufacturing market has changed. In the stage of enterprise upgrading and transformation, manufacturing enterprises pay more attention to meeting the individual needs of customers, reducing costs and increasing efficiency while ensuring product quality. Therefore, manufacturing enterprises are gradually transforming to make-to-order and on-demand manufacturing. The production modes of flexible and intelligent manufacturing put forward higher requirements for logistics.


For manufacturing clients, through the application of AGV and the introduction of carton ASRS such as multishuttle and miniload, and in combination with the production management system of clients, Galaxis can help them to effectively release the pressure on leftover materials from production lines, significantly reduce the manpower demands, and effectively reduce the inventory pressure, thus helping clients to reduce costs and increase benefits, and enhance the competitiveness of clients in manufacturing industry.

Industry features

All production process need to maintain operational coordination.

In the case of order uncertainty, flexibly manage the inventory.

Improve the efficiency of order handling, and efficiency of leftover materials input.

Improve the intelligence of production management, and control labor cot efficiently.

Lean management requires flexible adjustment of production capability.

Our advantages

Whether it is purchased parts or self-made parts, we can provide automatic receiving, input & output, automatic transportation of materials.

Fully realize the informatization and visualization of production logistics.

Improve the coordination of production and logistics information, as well as operation capability.

Achieve an appropriate logistics automation of leftover and improve the rational allocation and modern application of facilities and equipment.

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