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With the rapid development of e-commerce industry, consumer experience has been greatly improved, and consumers raised high demand of fast delivery, goods return and exchange. A high-performance order fulfillment system must take into account the characteristics of modularity, intelligence and scalability, which can help customers deal with operations of fast delivery and return, peak amount of orders, as well as scientifically planning and management of SKU inventory.


Galaxis provides cost-effective customized logistics solutions for e-commerce companies, covering one-stop services of storage and retreiving, transportation,  conveying and sorting, helping clients improve the efficiency of distribution centers and order fulfillment capabilities, and reduce overall operating costs.

Industry features

Long-term labor shortage.

The orders present characteristics of large batches of orders but small numbers.

Handling ultrahigh peak orders during the promotion period.

High customer expectations for delivery timeliness.

Huge reverse logistics operations caused by order return after promotion.

Large manual operations are still needed.

Our advantages

Warehouse management system can provide real-time query of data, forming effective insight from operation data.

Summarize flexible and effective strategy of order operations in any period if operation including peak orders.

Flexibly handle the return of complicated orders.

Downsize staffs and improve efficiency through scientific and cost-effective logistics solution.

Automation solution
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