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Over the past 10 years, the rapid development of e-commerce in China has accelerated the rise of intelligent warehousing. With the annual growth rate of e-commerce warehousing approaching 30%, the high growth rate poses new challenges to the logistics hardware and software of the warehousing industry. The improvement of customer requirements for service quality promotes the upgrading of warehousing hardware and software.

  • A large cross-border e-commerce logistics center

    Located in Tianjin Free Trade Zone, the project covers an area of 18,000 square meters. The logistics center is mainly composed of a four-way multi-shuttle ASRS, a conveyer and sorter system, and a review and packing system. The warehouse has a capacity of 15,000 SKUs and can store 4.6 million pieces of goods, with an average daily delivery of 20,000 orders and a peak of 50,000 orders. After the client places an order, the goods can be delivered in 3 days or can arrive next day at the soonest.

    —— Ease the logistics problem of cross-border e-commerce in peak season

    —— Break through 5 sets of warehouse operation systems in the bonded area

    —— The system supports multiple business models


    A large cross-border e-commerce logistics center
  • A large e-commerce logistics warehouse

    Located in Nanjing, the project is responsible for online orders delivery of 2B and 2C business, mainly for daily necessities.

    —— Process 50,000 orders per day and pick 500,000PCS

    —— Compared with the traditional warehouse, its efficiency is increased by 200% and the picking and handling manpower is reduced by 65%

    —— Compared with traditional warehouse, its space utilization is increased by 20%

    —— The Galaxy scheduling system controls 48 handling and picking robots

    A large e-commerce logistics warehouse
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