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Express delivery

With the rapid development of the express delivery industry and the gradual maturity of China's logistics industry, coupled with the innovation of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and IoT, intelligent warehousing has become a new trend.

  • A well-known express delivery enterprise

    The multi-shuttle stereoscopic warehouse of a well-known express delivery enterprise covers an area of 4,200 square meters and can store about 750,000 pieces of goods. The whole stereoscopic warehouse is composed of shelf system, four-way multi-shuttle, elevator, conveying system and electronic label sorting system. In the first phase of the project, advanced equipment such as four-way multi-shuttle, elevator and goods-to-person workstation were invested, achieving the seamless connection from "consumption end" to "production end", enabling the integrated omni-channel intelligent supply chain solution to achieve efficient "synergy" effect and improve the efficiency and accuracy of logistics services.

    When the existing warehousing system is far from meeting the business development needs of pharmaceutical enterprises, the third-party logistics park is selected for pharmaceutical enterprises to improve the efficiency of warehouse operation through process optimization, reduce the workload, and meet the requirements of goods in and out of pharmaceutical warehouses.


    A well-known express delivery enterprise
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